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Hi I'm Stacy Klesen, owner of Videos by Stacy.  I created this digital video agency because I truly believe that videos are such an important component in marketing for all businesses.  I wanted to make it much more affordable for businesses to have commercials and videos made without sacrificing quality.  

We offer a huge array of different types of video products and services from pre-made template videos to high tech, completely customized videos and even animated logo intros, transitions, social media information, and call to actions.  

I have experience with typical commercial advertising when I was a senior producer for a cable television show.   Those commercials cost between $4,000 and $6,000 per commercial and that included discounts for each advertiser on the show because the film crew was in a single area making several commercials at once/per day (we saved on costs by making several at once and we passed those savings onto the businesses advertising on the show).  A business having a typical production company make a commercial for them can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 - for a single video!

With that past experience in mind, I was determined to make video creation for businesses much less expensive but that was hands off for the business yet of a better quality.  And Videos By Stacy does all those things!

With advances in technology, businesses have more creative engaging options for their videos but at much more affordable rates than in years past.

Videos By Stacy would love to help you increase your traffic and customers. We specialize in getting your business noticed…

Our goal is to provide you with a stellar product in a prompt and timely manner that you are going to love.

We also specialize in helping you market your commercials as well. This includes getting your videos noticed on YouTube, Google, Facebook, and more.

Give us a call today at 678-999-4638. We look forward to serving you.

Our Services

  • Custom Video Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Animation
  • Remarketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • And more...

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